The crazy Colours Litter
on the 17th of june 2015 our first litter in our cattery was born.
Three lovely kittens (peek-a-blue, Black to basic and Black Magic) were born on day 59.
What was meant to be a dream quickly turned into a nightmare. The first two kitten went to Valhalla at merely 3 hours old and the last one died after 6 days of fighting.

Foster Litter for Leviathans Lair Cattery

Abidemi van Leviathans Lair came to us together with his mother, brother and sister at merely 3 days old. Sadly his brother and sister didnt make it. Demi stayed with us and can be found with our males.


On the 6th of december 2015 the jukebox babies were born out of Alfrodulls Moby and Vashyra's Dana.

A litter with high emotional Value because of mothers heritage.

Lorelei stayed with us.