Jarinina's Precious Pandora

Inbreed COI: 2.26%
Date of Birth: 17th of may 2016


PK-Def DNA                                Normal
GSD-IV                                        Normal

HCM Echo                                  Normal 2018
PkD Echo                                   Normal 

When Ankie from Cattery Jarinina originally offered us this girl, all i could do was cry from joy..

We were suffering from some hardships in breeding and we actually did hit rock bottom.
From the moment i saw this girl i fell in love, but thinking she was a boy i never asked after her, untill i heard she turned out to be blue cream!
Pandora is after some pretty old dutch bloodlines as well as lines from Danmark (Dansjberg!)

Pandora isnt that big, but she has amazing boning and an insanely long bushy tail. She isnt that much a cuddlebug but her highness does show us on a regular basis that she does appreciate our existence.

She is the mother of our World of Metal Litter

Parents and other relatives