Adoption Policy

Our kittens are usually allowed to leave to their new loving homes around the age of 16 weeks. This is for kittens sold to the Netherlands. Should you inquire for our kittens from a different country, please bear in mind that your countries Import policy might differ from ours in terms of age.

Kittens leaving the country will be:
- fully vaccinated with their kittenvaccines
- will have their rabies vaccine
- Microchipped

- will leave with their pedigrees
- Are a MINIMUM of 16 weeks old
- Leave with a slip of good health provided by our vet
- Will either be brought by car OR by plane by us personally. We will NOT agree with sending our kitten through cargo Handling services and we wont use a courrier. 

- Kittens will leave with a pet or breeder contract stating your and our rights.

For kittens leaving to another country we will ask for a deposit. After putting down a deposit you will receive a receit stating you posted the deposit and that this kitten will be yours. 

This deposit entails 1/3rd of kittenprice. Kittenprice is excluding  Exportcosts. 

This deposit is considered non-refundable so please consider your interest well before putting it down.
Should we have severe doubts about the kittens wellbeing, we are allowed to refund you the deposit, thusly voiding the adoption. 
Should something happen to the kitten, resulting in its death, we will refund the deposit.

For foreighn cattery's Inquiring.
Please realise that we will ask you to show your catteryregistration before adopting out a kitten.