Malinois Mayhem

Abarai Renji @ Fra Jegere Drøm

Meet our "guy" Renji. Our 11 month old Belgian Malinois out of insanely well known sports bloodlines.

Hes open and honest but will guard everything he consideres his with his life if he has to. 

Newcomers will be eyed and stalked at first but once he sees everything is allright he will relax and move on with life.

Renji is being trained in the KNPV program and is excelling in jumpwork and Detection.

His hips and Elbows have been tested and he got Excellent grades on his HD and ED screening.

When the time is right, and after Renji has earned at least his PH1 together with Laura, he will be available for matings for a select group of ladies.

HD and ED tests will be shown on request.