CH Ask Och Embla's Zwartwitje

Inbreed COI: 2.93%

Date of birth: 7th of march 2014
Carries Dillution


PK-def DNA                                  Normal
GSD-IV DNA                                 Normal

HCM Echo                            Normal March 2017
                                              Normal May    2016
                                              Normal June   2015
PKD Echo                                     Normal

Suprelorin breaks: summer 2015-spring 2016 and summer  2017- winter 2018

Hunter.. dear Hunter...
From the moment i saw him (approx an hour after birth) i KNEW he had to be mine!
His appearence is, in my eyes, to die for, his looks scream naughty! don't be fooled though, he's a softie at heart. If not given the attention wanted, he will go any lenght to get it. Where i am, you can find Hunter close by, because he sticks to mee like bees on honey.
The way he grew up, to us, was also an important thing! he was weaned on Raw meat and whole prey, and doesn't even know the taste of kibble, a thing he will not eat even if he has to starve himself. We firmly believe the fact he grew up in this "lifestyle" had a huge impact on his developement.
Even though he is still developeing on the moment, we think he is absolutely promising. his boning, looong tail, straight nose and good chin is something he will surely pass on to his kittens!

Hunter is available for studservices
More pictures on request!

Parents and relatives!