Luden's Echo Fra Jegere Drøm

Inbreed COI: 3.30%
Date of Birth: 17th of march 2017
Could Carry Dillution


Pk-def DNA                                 Normal
GSD-IV DNA                               Normal

HCM Echo                            Normal 2018
PKD Echo                                    Normal

Echo is currently on a suprelorin break as of early 2018

This daughter of our Lorelei and Abidemi is our first 2nd generation and my, how proud we are of her!

A great combination of her mother and fathers boning and attitude. She has a straight noseline, with a slightly upturned nosetip which gives her her cheeky and spunky looks. 

she basically lives her life with the same motto as the rabbit in alice in wonderland "the hurrier i go, the behinder i get". this girl LOVES to play, and detests having to sit pretty for pictures and other silly occasions. except for cuddling, 

we are quite excited to see how she will continue her development.

At this point, due to her being severely hormonal, Echo is on a suprelorin break.

Parents and other relatives