Elfquest litter

On the 6th of may, lorelei went through fast, and problemfree labour and gave us 3 stunning males!

Father to this litter is Fredi av Froskeland

Prey-Pacer lives mith Maikel, Esmee and David

Mantricker has sadly passed away indecember.

Skywise Will live with Johanna and Doug in the UK

World of metal Litter
Born on the 17th of Februari, were 5 kittens after Pandora and Demi.
Sadly, we had to say goodbye to 2 babies way to early!
Raven wing is living in Lelystad
Are You Metal? will be living in Washington DC, USA
Moonchild stayed with us

Skyrim Litter
On the 5th of september, Nephilim gave birth to 4 amazing blue boys <3 
Alduin, Dovahkiin, Paarthurnax and Ohdaviing. Sadly Ohdaviing passed away 4 days after birth due to pneumonia. 
Alduin Lives with Maureen and Dick at Cattery av Froskeland
Dovahkiin will live with Sherry,at Cattery Dragenshule in the USA
Paarthurnax Lives with Bouwke, Patrick and family in Haarlem