Nephilim van Leviathans Lair

Inbreed COI: 3.39%
Date of Birth: 2nd of december 2016
Lowgrade smoke


PK-Def DNA                                    Normal
GSD-IV                                            Normal
HCM Echo                                   Normal 2018
PkD Echo                                        Normal 

young Nephilim is an amazingly special girl to us. she is born a daughter of CH to Dhasos Ie Gata Beauty, a halfsister to our own beloved Chinouk and our own male CH Ask och Embla's Zwartwitje. 

This makes her a 3/4th sister of our "black Magic Fra Jegere Drøm", one of the kittens out of our first litter!

Nephilim is currently 3.5 kgs heavy (11 months) and built quite elegantly. Hear coat is almost silken and for a lowgrade smoke suprisingly low in maintanance. 

Her temper is to die for, and we are quite curious to see what will become of her! 

At this point, she is the mother of our Skyrim litter!

Parents and other relatives