Miracles still exist.

Our miracle Litter, after Ebbe and Borre av Froskeland was born on the 18th of may 2016. Miracle Man was the sole survivor.

Angels Litter

On the 8th of april Loika went into a miscarriage of one kitten at 5 weeks.

This kitten carries the name Hayyel.. after the angel of the wild animals. 

He will guard the "hunters dream" forever. 

Elven Rings litter

On the 12th of july 2016 our elven rings were born. 
Proud parents are CH Ask Och Embla's Zwartwitje and CH ItzinCatz Loika Wednesday.

Nenya lives at cattery Er Sann Lykke as a neutered pet.

Narya Lived with us, but died after a tragic accident at 1.5 years old

Japanese Litter

On the 25th of juli our japanese litter was born, one stillborn and our beloved Sakae Mirai.
Parents to this litter are ItzinCatz Ylwa Forentientje and CH Ask Och Embla's Zwartwitje.

Mira stayed, since she was born with a defect which massively influences her life.