Abidemi van Leviathans Lair

Demi is a special guy. Even though we did not breed him, he did grow up at our place. At the age of 3 days old, because of an emergency situation, he and his mother were trusted in our care and frankly, he never left. Its a "solo" kitten thing, i think.

We were not actively looking for a second male, but when his father died when his mother was 7 weeks pregnant, the choice was easy. We contacted Marie-Angelique for approval and we were lucky to get a wholehearted YES!

Demi is arrogant, yet extremely kind and naive, bold, stubborn and playfull. Amazing boning and a wild look. developing fully to my taste, looks of father and mother fully intertwined. His arrogance shows in his demeanor towards Hunter, who really has to put him on his place sometimes, even though they are the best of friends

The Name Abidemi was specifically chosen by us. It's a West Afrikan name meaning: "born without my fathers presence, as a hommage to his father, Oeschy*

Demi is available for studservices

More pictures on request!

Inbreed COI: 2.53%
Date of birth: 25th of September 2015
Carries Dillution


GSD-IV DNA                            Normal
PK-def  DNA                            Normal
HCM Echo                       Normal              2016
                                         Normal march   2017
                                         Normal Januari 2018
PKD Echo                                 Normal

Parents and Relatives