Lorelei Fra Jegere Drøm

Inbreed COI: 2.90%
Date of Birth: 6th of december 2015
Carries dillution


GSD-IV DNA                             Normal
Pk-def DNA                              Normal

HCM Echo                    Normal 2016/2017/2018
PKD                               Normal

Our first own offspring, our crazy, gorgeous Lorelei!

Jokingly called witch when naughty, because boy is she naughty.

Lorelei has a staight profile and great boning, a long bushy tail and long legs. Abidemi surely has met his match in her.
we are quite interested to see what the future will hold for her!

at this point she is the mother of both our League of Legends and Elfquest litter, and has given us amazing kids with tempers to die for!

Parents and Relatives