Jarinina's Canon Nielsson

Inbreed COI: 3.98%
Date of birth: 3rd of Januari 2018
Could carry dillution


Pkdef DNA                              Normal per parent
GSD-IV DNA                           Normal per parent
HCM Echo                                due 2019
PKD Echo                                 due 2019

Little Canon, our babybear....

Well... little, with 600+ grams at 5 weeks you're above avarage in size.

I was thrilled when Ankie told me you were allowed to live with us!
Apart from your charm and cute looks, pedigreewise you're all i ever wanted. You're also our first "independant" bloodline since the arrival of Demi.

One could hold a ruler against your noseline, thats how straight your profile is! Nice, decent boning and a good chin as well, with a lovely deep silver color and this insanely bushy tail.

Your great grandfather to me, was one of the most impressive males and thats without mentioning his pedigree!

Ankie, you know what he means to me!