Velkommen til var!

Welcome at Cattery Fra Jegere Drøm!

Our cats are part of our family, and have acces to the whole house and a spaceous cat proof balcony of 7.5 square meters. Two rooms in our house are fully accomodated to be the perfect place to hang around for them, providing multiple cat tree's and loads of toys!
We think the key to a healthy cat is healthy food, this is why we feed raw meat and whole prey, and our kittens grow up on this method of feeding. More info concerning raw meat accessible under: "why raw meat?"

We visit the occasional show with our forestcats, but only with those who enjoy showing as much as we do!

We are a Member of Limbracat, and our pedigrees are handed out by them.

Our catteryname explained

Roughly Translated, our catteryname means "from the dream of the hunter". Our offspring is affectionately called "dreamchildren".