On this page you will find the individual photos and information on our babies as well as availability information. 

At this point all babies are on hold, next week (10.10.2018) one of the boys will become available for a loving home

Alduin Thuuri Fra Jegere Drøm
Blue (silver?) tabby blotched
On Hold

Paarthurnax Fra Jegere Drøm
Blue (silver?) tabby blotched white

on hold

Dovahkiin Fra Jegere Drøm

Blue (silver?) Tabby Blotched white
On Hold

Should you be interested in one of our babies, do not hesitate to send us an email at Info@limburgseboskatten.nl

Please explain a bit about your current life and where the kitten will be living and if you are a breeder. 

we ship our kittens worldwide personally and do not use cargo or a courrier for our babies. We have kittens living in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and The USA.