Skyrim Litter

Our skyrim litter was born on the 5th of september 2018 through a C-Section, The kits were simply to big for mommy to deliver though the natural way with 140+ gram each!

Now, with 4 weeks they have surpassed the 600 grams already and we believe this litter will end up to be big kitties!

The mother of the litter, Nephilim is currently 3.5 kgs (born december 2016) and built quite elegantly. Hear coat is almost silken and for a lowgrade smoke suprisingly low in maintanance. Her temper is to die for, we've never had such a huge cuddlebug before!

The father, Borre, is quite the balanced boy who has his age and wisdom talking for him. With 11 years old he is still going strong and while he isnt the largest male around, he is known for giving quite a few large kittens ( our earlier litter with him resulted in Miracle man, who is now 5.5 kgs)

We wanted this combination because together  the parents are the perfect mix between Old and new type and  bloodlines. The perfect Balance! Add Borre's age in the mix and you got yourselve warped back a couple generations in pedigree too!

We WILL consider breeder homes for these kittens with reputable, responsible breeders! please read our adoptionpolicy before inquiring after our kittens.

Inbreed COI total: 2.23%

Polaris Percentage: 11.6

A quick preview of the babies below!

Paarthurnax Fra Jegere Drøm


Alduin Thuuri Fra Jegere Drøm


Dovahkiin Fra Jegere Drøm